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FULLY FUNDED: Covid-19 Essential Training (Skills for Care)

Alium Care Training is offering ssential Covid-19 training that is fully funded by The Care Quality Commission and fully funded by Skills for Care. This training has been specifically designed to ensure that care staff are competent, confident, skilled and safe when providing care during these challenging times.


Demystifying the CQC Inspection (KLOE) Process for Staff

COURSE OUTLINE Duration:    3 hours Delegates: Up to 12 Assessment: Ongoing observation and full engagement in all activities. All Delegates will receive a Certificate of Attendance. Cost: Competitively priced and details are available upon request. Requirements: [...]


Nutrition & Hydration

This course aims to raise awareness of best practice in relation to healthy living and nutrition. It will highlight issues surrounding mealtimes in a care setting and encourages staff to problem solve. The vitamin content of food, its function including vitamin deficiencies. The course also looks at the signs and symptoms of dehydration and the need for regular fluid intake will also be addressed as well as roles and responsibilities in It also looks at strategies to enhance the take up of food and drink.


Mental Capacity Act & Deprivation of Liberties Safeguards Course

The aim of the course is to enable delegates to understand the Mental Capacity Act and the Deprivation of Liberty Standards by looking the main five principles of the Act, explore implications of the deprivation of liberty standards as well as looking at the legal requirements of the Act. It also looks links to the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults course.


Infection Prevention and Control Awareness

The Infection Prevention and Control Awareness course looks at the causes of infection, the different types of germs and infection associated with Health Care (HCAI). In particular, it looks at the importance of infection prevention, control and management, how these relate to the legal obligations as well as strategies to reduce and prevent the spread of infection.


Autism Awareness

This course is designed to gain an understanding of the condition and the types of skills and knowledge required to support clients who exhibit the signs of Autism/diagnosed as having the condition. In particular, it looks at what Autism is, the Autism spectrum condition, as well as its diagnosis. It also utilises the “Autism skills and knowledge check-list” for providing an Autism friendly service, as well as the relevant templates recommended by Skills For Care


Epilepsy Awareness

This course provides an awareness of epilepsy, its management and treatment. It looks at the definition of epilepsy, as well as what causes this condition, looking at the different types of seizures and their potential triggers. As well looking at ways of dealing with a person who shows signs of a seizure and how to ensure information is accurately recorded.


Obsessive Complusive Disorder Awareness

This course aims to provide an understanding of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), identifying signs, symptoms and the assessment procedures of the condition. It also looks at the background and the issues that surround the condition, providing practical ways to care and support the client in managing the condition.


Moving & Handling of People

The Moving and Handling of people are regular task in Health and Social Care, which if not done safely, can cause serious injury to Service Users and Staff. The course focuses on how to minimize handling and lifting, and includes guidance on handling aids and how to carry out risk assessment. It also covers the main principles of people handling within the Care Sector, how to assist Service Users to become more mobile by looking at assisting People in a chair, in their beds and includes how to utilise aids to support Staff in carrying out their duties safely


Manual Handling of Inanimate Objects

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 require employers to ensure that all employees are trained and competent in manual handling. This Manual Handling Training Course provides the necessary information and training for organisations to understand more about the risks associated with manual handling, how to undergo a risk assessment and how to ensure appropriate control measures are put in place


Record Keeping

This course provides an understanding of the importance of good record keeping that meets the legal, clinical and accountability requirements of all care staff. It explains legal and professional responsibilities in relation to record keeping, the implications for non- adherence as well as looking at how excellent record keeping enhances the quality of care and support delivered to clients linking this to the CQC's 5 Key Lines of Enquiry Inspection Standards.


Confidence Booster

This course is specifically designed for care staff for whom English is a second language. It provides a practical hands on approach and explores ways to develop confidence by recognising what confidence looks, feels, and sounds like. The course also looks at the importance of customer - focused verbal and non-verbal communication skills, by exploring the impact of body language and gestures. The goal is to realise how adapting an approach can make a positive difference to the way they interact with their Care and other staff within the environment.


Conflict Management Awareness

The course raises delegates' understanding of the background to conflict and the contribution delegates can make to either calming or escalating the confrontation. It offers delegates an interactive approach to acquiring the skills and knowledge required in dealing with Conflict within the workplace, by utilising the various techniques and templates recommended by Skills For Care.


Activities Co-ordinator Role

This course is aimed at Activity Co-ordinators and other staff who are involved in designing, planning and providing activities with and for clients. It looks at innovative ways to design and plan activities that are personalised to individual client needs. It explains how to plan individualised activities that fit into group activities.



This course provides information to ensure that the risk of hazardous substances is minimised in the organisation. It looks at measures to eliminate or reduce the risk of harm by looking at both individual and group responsibilities and accountabilities, including the role of risk assessments.


Medication Awareness

This course aims to provide learners with the knowledge and skills required to support the use of medication within the health and social care settings. It looks at the different medications, roles and responsibilities of individuals, the legislative requirements, as well as providing the guidance on safe administration, storage and disposal of medications. It also looks at the importance of accurate recording and reporting when administering medications, as well as looking at the rights of clients.


Pressure Sores Awareness

This Pressure Sore Course aims to provide All Care Staff with an understanding of what pressure sores are, why they occur and looks at ways to prevent them as well as ways for treating them to aid recovery. The development of most pressure sores is preventable, and preventing them from happening, improves the care of clients as they cause long-term pain and distress, hindering their well-being. This course provides staff with the relevant skills and knowledge to do this


Supervision and Appraisal for Care Staff

This Supervision and Appraisal Training is aimed at All Staff, including those who have responsibility to carry out supervision and appraisal within the Care Sector. All Care Staff and managers, whether they are full time, part-time, volunteers, apprentices or work placement students need supervision and appraisal sessions to review their performance, discuss their performance and agree revised targets.


Food Safety Awareness:

To provide a basic understanding of food safety and the legislative requirements. In particular, it looks at personal hygiene, the importance and use of appropriate protective clothing, hand washing practices, wound dressing, cleaning and disinfection. It also looks at waste disposal, pest control, reducing contamination of food and temperature control during food preparation, cooking, holding and serving. It also introduces the delegates to the HACCP system of food management.


Health & Safety Awareness

This course defines Health and Safety, looks at the legal responsibilities, requirements and implications for non-adherence to the legislation. It also looks at Health and Safety related accidents and ill health. In particular it looks at policies and procedures, work place hazards, including RIDDOR and the Accident reporting and record keeping requirements.


Fire Safety Awareness

This course is aimed at All Staff. It provides them with a clear understanding of employer and employee responsibilities to eliminate or reduce the risk of a fire in the workplace. It also makes staff aware of the key steps required of a fire risk assessment, including the knowledge of the correct procedures to follow in the event of a fire as well as being able to distinguish between the different types of fire extinguishers and their uses.


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Business Recovery Consultancy

Following receipt of your CQC Inspection report, we can work with you to improve any identified areas that are categorised as requiring improvement or areas that are rated as inadequate. Our goal will be to help you to achieve ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ status. With our experience in Human Resources and Service & Performance improvement, we are confident that we can support you and your team to upgrade your CQC ratings by incorporating all areas of people management and development, including:-

  • Recruitment
  • Carrying out investigations in the workplace
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  • Conducting a grievance
  • Motivation
  • Management and Leadership
  • Competence - Design and Application
  • Learning & Development
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